About Chomsky Lab


In an effort to make sure the labs and project spaces are running smoothly, Aarhus University has hired students to maintain the lab spaces, and facilitate booking of equipment, licenses for PROTOLab etc. If you would like to get in contact with one or more of these students, feel free to pop by during an office hour, or send an email to labtools@cs.au.dk.

Labtools consists of:

Aron Baldvinsson Tobias Elling

Booking of Equipment

As a student at Computer Science, you are welcome to borrow equipment and components from us. Please contact a Labtools employee via labtools@cs.au.dk or during an office hour, and they will help you find exactly what you need.

Equipment Booking App

We’ve had a student help develop our own CMS to use for booking equipment and checking availability.

NOTE! Please create a profile with a @post.au.dk, @cs.au.dk or @eng.au.dk mail. If you have a completely different mail, then contact labtools@cs.au.dk and we’ll find a solution.

Office Hours

If you want to borrow equipment and/or have questions, you are welcome to have a chat with Labtools during an office hour. These take place in the office in Chomsky (end of the ramp) and the times are as follows:


You can also get ahold of us by calling our phone: 93 50 83 74.

The office hours stop when the exam period starts. Please contact us on our mail, if you would like some assistance.


In Chomsky Lab you will find a myriad of facilities, that students can utilize.

Health and Safety.

The labs are checked thoroughly once a year. If you run into anything or have any comments regarding safety, working environment etc. please contact the Occupational Health and Safety Lab representatives.

Work Areas

Chomsky Lab covers both the Chomsky building and the Stibitz buildings. This means that students can often find areas to work, in or around Chomsky Lab.

Licenses for the Labs

In order to be able to use the labs, it is required that students have a license. The license for FORMLab is given during the first semester of IT Product Development, whereas the license for PROTOLab is given during the second semester. Once acquired, the licenses give you unlimited access to the labs. If you are interested in getting the license for the labs, and are affiliated with Department of Computer Science, then please contact us at labtools@cs.au.dk.


In Chomsky Lab you will find a workshop, made for working with tools and power tools on different materials, for example wood, metal or hardened hobby foam. In the workshop you will find everything from a bandsaw to screwdrivers and pliers. Remember to clean up after yourself, and help others keep the facilities neat and tidy!


In the heart of the Chomsky/Stibitz buildings, you will find a prototyping room. This room is the main Maker Space for the Department of Computer Science, where you can find four PRUSA Mark 2.5S 3D Printers, A Carvey CNC, a Universal VLS660 Laser Cutter and etching tubs to produce PCBs.